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Argoscope protects your Business 24/7 from mistakes, embezzlement and fraud 

A combination of knowledge, experience, technology and automation leads the executives of over 25 leading companies in Israel to rely on Argoscope that will alert in time and allow them to prevent financial leaks. Argoscope checks 24/7 all company payments, including suppliers, customers, insureds, salaries and any other organizational process in order to detect errors, fraud and embezzlement in time, also the work procedures compliance.

Argoscope integrates into every possible database, thus examining every end-to-end business process.

The system is based on the knowledge and experience of the best experts, including finance managers, risks, internal auditors, information security and cyber of the large organizations in Israel, using machine learning, business intelligence, re-learning and developing new algorithms on an ongoing basis.

Argoscope keeps track of your organization's assets anywhere, anytime, anytime.

Argoscope has found some of the biggest embezzlements in the Israeli market including:


Argoscope protects more than 25 companies in Israel and around the world in a variety of content worlds, including: 




Health & HMO

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